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Amidst this technological evolution, wherein teens and kids are confined behind walls, gadgets like Fitbits are a great motivation for outdoor activities. The ...

How Does Fitbit Figure Out that I am Sleeping?

Sleep is a very component of a person’s health. The duration, timing and pattern of your sleep impacts your emotional health, metabolism, mental well-being, ...

Is the Fitbit Tracker worth the money?

Fitbit is an emerging trend in the youth of today. It is very popular among the health conscious people. Even doctors these advise their patients to wear ...

Best Dive Watches for Under $200 | Experience Excellent Value Performance

If you’re an outdoor adventurist, a scuba diver, lifeguard, or someone whose life revolves around the ocean, gadgetry that withstands moisture is an ...

Top 10 Best Fitbits for Small Wrists in 2021

Everyone is suffering from Fitbit fever these days; your friend’s got one, their friend’s got one, and even your favorite celebrity has it. They are all over ...

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