10 Best Fitbit For Teenagers | Time to Hit the Open Air

Amidst this technological evolution, wherein teens and kids are confined behind walls, gadgets like Fitbits are a great motivation for outdoor activities. The new generation finds venturing outdoors boring, but Fitbits trackers motivate them by transforming the seemingly uninteresting activity into an exciting competition.

Social interaction has become relatively scarce, especially since the advent of portable gadgets. But it is time to fill those gaps. So, if you want your teens to spend a little bit more time outside, exploring the world, hanging out with other kids, then a Fitbits tracker might work.

Not to forget, it inspires them to tackle competitions and try out new sports such as cycling, skateboarding, swimming, etc. This helps them in getting stronger both physically and psychologically.

Fitbit gadgets harbor the latest technology, which the modern generation finds entrancing. It explains the widespread popularity of the brand and the fact that it is reigning over the market. Usually, it consists of heart rate monitoring, a goal tracker, timers, alarms, and an interactive user interface.

It does sound like something a teen would absolutely love. If you are looking for one, you should check out the given archive of Fitbit reviews of fitness trackers we have put together for you.

Pay heed to the items’ size, weight, features, and comfortable fit because based on these criteria, we have chosen the following candidates in the below-mentioned list. So, without delaying any further, let’s jump into it.

Best-In-Class Fitbit Fitness Trackers

Designed to track even the slightest movement, Fitbit Inspire gives precise calculations of user activity. All credit goes to the advanced sensing technology embedded in the device. It can smartly track heart rate, calorie burn, steps, and so much more.

Usually, teenagers are more partial to appearance than the tech itself, and that is why they can’t overlook the elegant design of this gadget. It is available in black color, which gives out a sophisticated vibe. The material, elastomer, adds comfort and good-feel to the design — it is the same material used in the manufacturing of sports watches.

  • Elegantly designed
  • Feels soft and comfy against the skin
  • Swim-proof
  • Offers several exercising modes
  • It will not work in hot saunas

With just two hours of charging, Inspire HR can last up to 5 days. Isn’t it incredible? If you have been careful with the charge, it can even last longer.  After coming across this outstanding gadget, you wouldn’t ask yourself “which Fitbit should I buy?” twice.

15 + Exercise Modes
The major highlight of this device is the availability of 15 exercise modes, allowing the wearer to achieve particular objectives. You can select anything from swimming, biking, running, to workouts, martial arts, yoga, etc. With all these options, the device takes tracking accuracy to a whole new level.

Another highlight would be the waterproof design. The wearer can safely dive to 50 meters of depth without damaging the tracker. However, it isn’t suitable for saunas, and the device’s inner mechanism can be affected by the hot water.


Next up on our listicle is a smart tracker that is ideal for teens. It comes with a built-in monitor for heart rate, allowing it to measure fitness levels accurately. Also, this monitor helps the device precisely estimate the burnt calories during all types of exercises. For experiencing unprecedented precision, you can also select the type of exercise beforehand.

In a single charge, the gadget will last for an entire week. Yes! You read that right. That’s how impressive the battery is. However, it is pertinent to mention that with continuous heart rate monitoring, it drains charge faster.

  • The battery lasts for a long time
  • It accurately and automatically detects exercises
  • The body is water-resistant and sweatproof
  • Calendar, text, and call alerts are included in the system
  • The display icons are small
  • It hinders wrist movement

As for the display, it isn’t the most amazing or visible, but it gets the job done. If you are having trouble watching your progress, you can check the results in the smartphone application. It syncs with the app automatically and transfers real-time data to your hand.

Advanced Sleep Monitoring
The Alta HR is outfitted with an advanced sleep monitoring system — a great way to analyze your overall sleep. Like many teens, this gadget is best for improving your sleeping habits for those suffering from persistent insomnia.

Without any complex input, the device tracks calories burnt, active minutes, steps, and distance automatically. After getting a complete record of your daily activities, the wearer will be more organized and aware of his/her habits.


A choice between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch is a huge dilemma, especially when you’re tight on the budget. If you’re in this stance, look no further as we present you with a Fitbit Charge 3 — a beautiful blend of fitness tracker and smartwatch display. What can a Fitbit watch do that this device cannot?

It features a heart rate monitor, a women’s health planner, a breathing session guide, sleep monitoring, and much more. What you will appreciate the most is that you can even satisfy payments remotely using this gadget. How cool is that? 

  • It is durable and waterproof
  • The display is larger than most fitness trackers
  • It automatically tracks user activities
  • It uses GPS to record the person’s distance
  • The clock faces are not interesting
  • The battery life estimator isn’t accurate

Further, the tracker offers 24/7 tracking of your activities along with 15 exercising modes to sync with the particular activity you are indulged in, allowing you to precisely track your goals. The device will adjust to your on-going activity and will prove useful while you progress.

What makes this device more amazing is the 7 days long charging time, which is more than enough for a watch with a display this large. 

Large OLED Display
Compared to other fitness trackers, the display is not only larger but also more vibrant. It means you can easily read notifications and track your way through the device. The screen automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, making it easier for the user to enjoy during the daytime.

Swim Proof Design
Everything from the display to the band is resistant to moisture. You can wear it during your swimming sessions as well as while taking relaxing showers. It can survive up to 50 meters of depth, however, but it will falter under hot water.


If you’re a swimming enthusiast and seeking a fitness tracker, your quest ends here. Flex 2 offers everything a swimmer can dream of, including durability, precise estimations of your goals, and ultimate ease of use. No wonder swimmers from everywhere are crazy about this product.

The idea behind this gadget was to build a tracker exclusively for swimming activity, which is why it doesn’t have a display. Instead of a screen, it notifies the wearer through tiny lights, which can easily be read underwater.

  • It is one of the best Fitbit types for swimming
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • The smartphone app is user-friendly
  • It looks amazing on the wrist
  • There aren’t enough exercising modes
  • The quality of the battery is questionable

What makes this gadget more unique is its versatile design, allowing the user to separate the tracker from the band. It simply means you will be able to use the tracker as a pendant, bracelet, or hook it on your belt.

Swim Proof Design
It goes without saying that Flex 2 has a completely waterproof design. The device is suitable for wearing infinitely underwater and long soaking in the bathtub. Plus, it looks elegant around your wrist, almost like a good-looking bracelet.

Fitness Application
Even though the device lacks a display, it is still compatible with a smartphone. The application allows the user to record, graph, and analyze all-day activities. It is an essential part of your transformation journey, especially when every single day’s progress matters.


Continuing with our list with a simple yet elegantly manufactured fitness tracker. Fitbit Ace may not have the most outstanding design or standing-out looks, but one thing is for sure that the device reeks of quality and simplicity.

The body can resist water to some degree and is suitable for short showers and exposure to sudden splashes. However, it isn’t built for swimming or long-term moisture exposure. So, make sure the device is used carefully around water.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • It has many clock designs
  • The device gives rewards and badges
  • It has a parental control option
  • Small band size

Ace can track active minutes, users’ steps, and other activities on its bright display. The screen works by tapping, and you can easily surf between screens. It syncs with a smartphone and can easily be tracked remotely. Not to forget, the device allows parents to monitor their children.

Rewards and Badges
When you complete a goal or achieve a millstone, the device gives badges and rewards to the user. Receiving celebration messages and rewards always feels good, and it keeps the person motivated. This creates a healthy environment of competition between teens, which is essential for fulling goals.

Personalized Design
With 10 amazing clock designs, teens will have many options to choose from. It always feels good to style your own gadget as per your personal preference. You can match the clock face with your outfit or your favorite color, you have plenty of options.


Compared to others we have reviewed so far, this gadget is unique because it is built for sleep tracking. The device can take note of your sleeping hours, your mid-night wake-ups and make a continuous record, allowing you to analyze your sleeping pattern. Plus, you can set silent alarms, which means the device will wake you up in the gentlest way possible.

In addition to this, Fitbit One can record steps taken all day, estimate calorie burn, and record many other movements. Even though it is a sleep tracker, the device comes in handy in recording your everyday activities. 

  • Attractive display
  • Wireless connection is strong
  • Great option for tracking sleeping patterns
  • It is resistant to water, rain, splashes, and sweat
  • Display is boring
  • You may have to buy additional Fitbit accessories

It is embedded with a good-looking display that showcases the device’s stats and other information vividly. Overall, it may not offer many features, but it can surely help you tackle persistent sleeping deprivation.

Advanced Wireless Syncing
No need to look for a wire to transfer the recorded data as the device wirelessly transfers the stats to the attached computer or smartphone. It saves you from the trouble of frequent manual data sync. All you have to do is stay in the range of connections.

Strong Connection
Frequent disconnection is a prevalent problem in such devices. But Fitbit One’s manufacturers have thrown in Bluetooth 4.0 technology in the system to make the connection stronger than ever.  So, it automatically connects with the smartphone or a computer.


For those who seek simplicity and quality, they couldn’t be happier with Fitbit Charge HR. It is a better version of the previous Charge model and offers enhanced features and upgraded design, while the overall shape is the same. At a single glance, you can identify the difference in the textured design of the band, which in our opinion, appears to be more eye-catching.

You cannot go wrong with its 5 days battery life. It is better than most fitness trackers available in the market in this price range. Putting your device on 2 hours after every few days would mean that the tracker will work for an indefinite time.

  • It features an impressive heart rate monitor
  • Device is resistant to water and dust
  • Strong and durable
  • Call notifications on the device
  • Display is difficult to read in bright daylight
  • Unreliable application

Just like Fitbit One, it offers silent alarms and automatic sleep tracking — an essential feature for those having sleeping problems. Furthermore, you can also track heart rate, workouts, distances, floors climbed, steps, calories burnt, and active minutes.

Instead of manually selecting the exercise, Charge HR not only recognizes it but also calculates stats with amazing accuracy. The recorded data is wirelessly sent to the attached smartphone, computer, or a device with IOS or an Android operating system.

Water Resistance
No need to remove the band when it starts to rain. It is highly resistant to splashes and dust and can easily withstand exposure to moisture. While it is only “resistant” and not “proof”, the device isn’t suitable for swimming or bathing.


Treasured for its soft, comfy, and easy fit, Fitbit Flex is a winsome product when it comes to simple fitness trackers. All thanks to the rubber-made body, which feels good against the skin. It is devoid of any flashy features, textures, or patterns, but still looks incredibly attractive.

Instead of a display, it features flashing LEDs, which notifies the user of the overall status. Since it is not spending power on an entire display, it can last for more than a week without getting recharge.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Battery last longer
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Clasp catches on the clothes
  • Charging capacity reduces over time

What’s more, the gadget can sync automatically if the source is within 20 ft range. In the case of two connections with two PCs, you may need a USB port or an internet connection. For smartphones, on the other hand, the gadget uses Bluetooth 4.0.

Long Battery Life
You will be stunned to find out the stunning battery performance of the device, which is 7 to 10 days on a complete charge. However, it can drain faster in case of heavy use. Another advantage of this device is its impressive recharge time of 1-2 hours with a standard Fitbit charger.

Water Resistance
Sweat and rain will have no effect on the device — not to mention, it can survive water pressure up to 1 ATM. Still, Fitbit Flex is not made for swimming or boiling hot saunas. So, refrain from long-term moisture exposure if you can.


Another Fitbit latest version from the Charge series, Fitbit Charge 2 carries the signature qualities and features of the model line. With this device on your wrists, you can easily pull off fitness goals and progress faster than usual. Teens love the device for its impressive functionality and its striking looks that can surely attract some eyes.

Compared to previous models, the display is huge, making the stats easy to read with a single glance. Plus, the display is more vibrant and crisper, clearly indicating that the model has improved than its predecessors.

  • You can see text and call notifications on the screen
  • It can measure heart rate with accuracy
  • The GPS allows improved distance estimations
  • The device comes with a nice-looking design
  • It offers silent alarms and efficient sleep tracking
  • The screen gets scratched easily
  • There is a lot of room for improvement in the app’s UI

Further, the device transfers stats to smartphones and computers wirelessly, meaning you can record progress with minimum hassle. Also, the connectivity isn’t a problem since the device is compatible with 200 + Android, Windows, and IOS gadgets.

PurePulse Heart Rate Monitor
Finding an accurate heart rate monitor in this overabundant market is a real challenge, but Fitbit is determined to change this by providing a precise estimation of your pulse. With accurate heart rate comes accurate calorie burn calculations.

Fitbit GPS Integration
Track your cardio using GPS for improved distance calculations. It helps you track all types of activities with minimum error, allowing you to move forward with great confidence.


Enough of those fancy-looking trackers! Let’s try something old-school. Fitbit Zip is a tiny fitness tracker for goal-oriented teens that want to be focused. So, it does not offer flashy features, radiant displays, or a myriad of exercise modes, but rather just some simple calculations — steps, calorie burnt, and distance.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does get the job done. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Fitbit Zip is made for people who are chasing a single goal. The benefit of the design is that it keeps you focused on whatever you are trying to achieve.

  • Quite portable and easy to manage
  • Offers unparalleled ease of use
  • Battery can last for a very long time
  • It syncs with devices wirelessly and automatically
  • The battery is not rechargeable
  • The syncing has some connectivity issues

Just like others on this list, even this simple device syncs automatically with the smartphone and computers.

Long Battery Life
With 6 months of battery life, this gadget wins in this category. Whereas the battery isn’t rechargeable, you have to replace it every couple of months. It sounds inconvenient, but when you look at the 6-month charge, it is somewhat worth it.

Wear and Water Resistance
When it comes to durability, no Fitbit gadget rivals this model. It is built for heavy use and can withstand continuous exposure to moisture. However, it is not made for hot saunas or swimming pools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

To make the selection easier, we have devised this section containing some of the most commonly asked queries.

Which Fitbit Is Best in the Above List?

The answer usually depends on your personal preference. For instance, if you are looking for a fitness tracker for swimming only, Fitbit Flex 2 is perfect for you. On the other hand, Fitbit Charge 3 is the leader when you take into account the overall performance.

What Is the Best Fitbit Watch?

The brand has manufactured tons of awesome Fitbit smartwatches, and out of them, Fitbit Sense performs the best in our opinion. It carries advanced features for health monitoring and an interactive user interface.

How Water-Resistant Fitbit Products Are?

Almost all of the brand’s products, including bands, Fitbit smartwatches, and trackers are water-resistant. But not all of them are swim proof. So, if you are searching for a fitness tracker or Fitbit smartwatch for swimming, make sure the device can survive up to 50 meters of depth.

In the Fitbit Vs Apple Watch Competition, How Well the Former Performs?

Apple watches clearly wins here, but Fitbit isn’t a letdown either. It even provides battery life and UI that rivals Apple’s state-of-the-art technology. Some of Fitbit’s products even take the lead with their superior performance and accuracy. So, overall, the brand is a great contender.

Are Fitbit Gadgets Comfortable?

The brand uses soft and flexible material such as elastomer and silicone in its manufacturing, which is exactly why Fitbit products are incredibly comfy to wear. They also come with easily adjustable wristbands, allowing the wearer to choose the optimum size as per the wrist. Just make sure you are buying the right size for yourself and you will be fine.

Every item mentioned above in the Fitbit reviews list deserves the title of the best Fitbit fitness gadget for teens. But after carefully analyzing the pros and cons, we have deduced that Fitbit Charge 3 is cut above the rest. It is a great option for teenagers and provides them with every essential feature that a kid of that age would need to pull off all types of exercises and sports.

You can select from the vast array of exercise modes that allow the wearer to adjust the device with the activity accurately. It means that Charge 3 can estimate stats precisely, making it one of the best performing Fitbit trackers available in the market.

It may exhibit some cons, but the countless benefits surely overshadow the negative points. On the whole, it will never disappoint a goal-oriented teenager that aims to take a healthy-lifestyle approach.
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