The Best Smartwatches for Diabetics

At the moment, smartwatches are not capable of detecting blood sugar levels directly. While there are rumors that Samsung is working on providing this feature, nothing is officially confirmed.

Obviously, this can be a cause for concern if you’re diabetic and want to monitor your blood sugar throughout the day. So, you can use watches in conjunction with the Dexcom app to avoid regular doctor visits and get accurate readings.

But the name of the game is compatibility. Not every smartwatch can work with these apps, so our criteria for this ranking is determined by how well Dexcom’s app is supported and its compatibility with a different OS or Operating Systems.

FAQ Section

Why Do I Need The Dexcom App?

Dexcom is a company that provides paraphernalia for diabetics. Alongside their equipment, they have developed a CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) app. This app is responsible for handling your blood sugar data. Your smartwatch will work as a sensor for it.

What Is The Best Way To Use The Watch?

Since the smartwatch can’t run the app independently you will need to use your smartphone as well. Simply download the app to your phone and watch and you should be able to monitor readings easily.

How Do I Choose The Right Watch For Me?

You need to make sure that firstly, your phone and watch can connect to each other. Next you need to make sure the watch you buy has an approachable UI design, especially if you’ve never used a smartwatch before.

Will I Have To Spend A Lot Of Money?

To make it short, yes. Smartwatches are pricey territory by nature. You could probably find a fairly good one for cheap but those ones will either lack features or be comprised of subpar materials. For those who want to take advantage of the health sensors, it’s highly advised to avoid cheaper smartwatches as it can result in medical emergencies due to inaccurate readings.


TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

Developed by Mobvoi, this is a fairly standard smartwatch albeit the battery life is a bit subpar. However, you can adjust settings in order to make the battery last longer. All you have to do is switch around the modes so that you can optimize settings based on your needs.

For diabetics using this watch for Dexcom it’s a fairly convenient smartwatch to work with and supports Dexcom G6 perfectly. However, the watch doesn’t have particularly impressive fitness trackers/modes. So keep that in mind if you choose this watch.

While it’s a great watch, it doesn’t necessarily stand out for any reason when compared to competitors. If you want a nice and simple experience then this is the way to go. Otherwise, you should keep looking through the rest of this list.

Special Features
  • SOS Feature contacts 911 and shares your location with them
  • Water-resistant speaker
  • 24 hour Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Google Pay compatibility
  • 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM


Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit has stepped up their game. As of February 2021, their own app offers the service of checking blood sugar. It’s available with a host of amazing features, like target glucose range and sending reminders to check your blood sugar.

Fitbit’s app is capable of organizing and managing all your diabetes-related data in one location. There are various manual options that enable you to enter your information.

This particular option doesn’t even require Dexcom or any other at home apparatus. You could just as easily go to a hospital once and use that data as a baseline for future readings. Which does contribute to making this smartwatch more convenient.

But seeing as this is such a new feature, it might need more time to iron out some kinks. So probably best to wait a bit before you go for it.

Special Features
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in voice assistant
  • Fast charging battery
  • Lightweight and comfortable design


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

With user-friendly design integration, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active is a great choice for anyone wanting to track their blood sugar. It generally supports all Android phones however it can also work fairly well with some iOS ones too.

As a mainstream brand, there are no issues when using it for Dexcom G6. You can easily download the app and keep an eye on your glucose levels. This watch is also relatively affordable giving it great value for money.

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Keep in mind, if you want good value for your smartwatch you will need to spend a decent amount of money. But among those options, you’ll find this watch isn’t as expensive as other options. Especially when we look at the features it offers.

Special Features
  • Auto-detects up to 7 types of exercise
  • Military grade durability
  • Sends real time alerts for an unhealthy heart rate
  • Strong battery
  • Customizable watch face

Apple Watch SE

Another mainstream brand, meaning there shouldn’t be a barrier to using  Dexcom G6. While Apple products are fairly fragile and have short battery life, they also possess highly accurate health sensors. So if that’s a priority for you, then this smartwatch is ideal.

As well as that, their entire UI is extremely convenient and user-friendly. The SE is less expensive than other Apple smartwatches and has a decent number of features to offer. So for those with a big budget it’s as valid a choice as any.

But keep in mind, if the diabetic is a child then you should avoid this smartwatch due to its fragility. Even adults would need to be careful but children in particular would find it challenging to avoid damaging it somehow

Special Features
  • Highly customizable workouts
  • Apple Pay integration
  • Fall detection and SOS emergency modes
  • Always On retina display
  • Built-in voice assistant (Siri)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This is the super-powered version of a Samsung smartwatch. While the price tag is steep, it’s chock full of exciting features. Not to mention, as the flagship Samsung smartwatch, it can be paired with Dexcom G6’s continuous glucose monitoring app with great ease and comfort.

You will find a lot of utility for this watch whether you are invested in fitness or not since it’s capable of functioning as a phone substitute. Forgetting your phone at home isn’t an issue anymore.

And like all Samsung smartwatches, it’s put through military grade testing for a variety of circumstances to create the strongest phone possible. These conditions include dropping the phone from a height of a few feet, submerging it in water and a host of other weather conditions.

Special Features
  • Strong battery
  • Military grade durability
  • Automatic activity detection
  • Breathing/Meditation management modes
  • Can make calls, send texts, and stream musically directly

Apple Watch Series 6

With this smartwatch you get some of the most impressive health sensors a smartwatch can offer. So this also means that Dexcom can work with it easily without any hassle. As it would be necessary to accommodate Apple customers for increased accessibility.

But the trade-off is a fairly fragile product that needs to be handled carefully. The battery life is also an issue to be aware of. If you want to purchase a smartwatch for a diabetic child, then this isn’t a good idea. Something more durable would be a better bet.

However for adults it’s easier to be careful and keep the watch in pristine condition. With that being said, only consider this watch if your budget allows for it. There are alternatives worth considering, and most of them are more affordable and durable.

Special Features
  • User-friendly UI
  • Built-in GPS
  • Accurate health sensors
  • Always-on retina display
  • Can make calls and send texts

Amazfit Verge

While this brand of smartwatches isn’t particularly mainstream, it has made a lot of strides since it’s inception. Dexcom actually seems to work very well through this smartwatch and it can easily work with Android and iOS meaning more convenience.

The features available are also pretty impressive considering how affordable it is. As more Chinese brands are embraced by the tech industry, it’s clear that they provide viable and realistic alternatives to the standard “big names” in the field.

Its sports modes are comprehensive and great for tracking calories burnt off. And thanks to the strong battery it boasts, you can count on it to support longer workouts as well. And with Apple Pay functionality included you have a little extra benefit.

Special Features
  • Strong battery life
  • Alexa integration
  • 12 Sports Modes
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Built-in GPS and Apple Pay functionality

Out of all the surveyed options, the absolute best of the best would have to be Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active. It’s relatively more affordable than the competition which makes it really accessible, and as a mainstream brand it would be in Dexcom’s best interest to cater to this smartwatch.

Aside from that it offers great value for anyone that also cares about fitness and monitoring their health closely. Samsung’s sensors might not be as accurate as Apple however they are still in a very close range. Which means you’re not losing out on anything.

Plus, so many Samsung watches have added support for certain iOS phones which allows more users to experience the comfort and convenience it offers. While not every single one is supported, as long as you have updated iOS to the latest version you should be fine.
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