Why Do Dive Watches Come with Rotating Bezels?

The first dive watch’s name with a unidirectional bezel is the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, released in 1953. One calendar year later, Rolex and Zodiac would catch up with the release from their Submariner and the Sea Wolf, respectively.

For a diver in SCUBA, there are three essential factors to ensure a safe and efficient dive. They are depth, the time that you have spent diving, as well as your air supply. While it is possible to assume that it’s feasible to dive until you run empty, there’s an additional and equally crucial factor to consider that you should be aware of nitrogen.

When SCUBA diving air systems deliver an air compressor at the exact level of pressure as outside water. As one dives deeper and the water gets denser, as will the air you breathe. The dense air is nitrogen that is stored in the body.

What is a bezel in A Watch?

The watch’s bezel is the ring that surrounds the crystal glass to hold it to the case. It is among the numerous components of the watch’s case. Bezels are generally made of metal; however, they are also available in different materials like ceramic.

Do you want to know how to use your watch bezels? It all is contingent on the type of bezel you’re using. We’ll go over the various types of bezels below and then explain the best way to apply each.

What is the reason why Rolex Bezel Rotate?

The unidirectional design serves as a safety measure whatever the case may be; if your bezel has been damaged or moved, the time you can dive will become more restricted. The bezel will rotate towards the time when you first entered the water. The bezel will tell you if the person was in the pool for how long.

A Unidirectional Bezel is intended for Security

This timing process brings our attention back to the single-directional rotating of the bezel. When diving, particularly when it is tight, there is a good chance that the bezel could be damaged or bent. If that happens, the bezel for a dive will only rotate counterclockwise, which will reduce diving time. If the bezel were to rotate in the opposite direction, the dive could be accidentally extended and could create a risky situation.

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