Fitbit Charge 4 Tracker Review

Fitbit has really packed a punch with the charge 4 line of trackers. It comes equipped with a GPS that tells you the route of your exercise without your phone. It also has Spotify support, the new metric active zone minutes and multiple sleep tools. It has a slim body, long battery life and low price. If you are looking forward to tracking your health and fitness without the extra weight of a smartwatch then this is a great option.

Keep reading to know what else this tracker offers you.


  • Its screen size is 1 inch.
  • The strap comes in three different designs and colors.
  • It is equipped with GPS.
  • It supports Bluetooth.
  • It also supports Spotify.
  • It is 50m waterproof.
  • It offers the metric of active zone minutes.
  • The lasts for a week.
  • It comes with the 90-day free trial of Fitbit premium.
  • You can get text and call alerts.
  • It weighs 1 ounce.
  • It has a sleek and minimalistic design
  • It is compatible with iOS and android
  • It supports Fitbit pay
  • Its sleep tracking ability is useful
  • The visibility is low in direct sunlight


The charge 4 is offered in two designs: regular and special. The special costs you $20 more. This tracker measures less than half-inch at the thickest part. It comes with a reflective granite band and a simple flexible plastic band, which you can use during sweaty workouts. The bands are offered in small and large sizes. Changing the bands is made easier with the two buttons found behind the tracker.


This tracker has a grayscale touch screen. It is 1 inch in size, diagonally. In the sun you will have to squint to properly read the screen. It shuts off quickly by default to save battery life. When you shake it or tap on the screen it will turn back on.


Since it is waterproof and has GPS, it can track pretty much every activity or exercise. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is respectable. The SpO2 sensor will tell all about your blood oxygen level. Its sleep tracking ability is much more inclusive and comprehensive than other trackers.

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The battery of this tracker lasts for a week at most. It could be further shortened if you use the GPS or the Spotify support.

The Bottom Line

This tracker offers you everything that you get in a smartwatch but at a lower price. It is stylish and comfortable to wear. It is equipped with many sensors, so it can track almost all the physical activities that you may perform. The ease of band changing makes it a winner in our eyes.

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