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How to use the Rotating Bezel on a Watch

One of the most common features of diving timepieces is a rotating bezel. In other words, there are around 60 subdivisions in all of this. These divisions ...

Dive Watches That Look Like Rolex

Dive watches are often compared to Rolex, and rightly so. Both of these have so much to offer. However, what separates these two is the high-end price for ...

Why are Dive Watches So Popular?

Among the most famous watch families is the diving watch. Such timepieces are frequently referred to as the best wristwatch for a specific function or style. ...

How Accurate is Fitbit or Apple Watch? Calorie, Steps

Every fitness tracker sporting band, such as Fitbit, promotes its products on the basis of their reliability. But, what exactly do they really measure up? If ...

Which is the Better Watch? Seiko vs Citizen Dive Watches

An article like this is bound to be an opinion that isn't widely shared by all. Watch lovers are always going to have different opinions about their preferred ...

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